The Sea

I walked on the shore
To gaze at the sea.
Then one still morn
My reflection I saw.
A drop of water!
A miniature ocean
From the great sea of Love.

I inched toward the water
It pulled me in!
I fell, resistance gone
Tumbling, flailing, overcome.
Too much to bear
My flesh immerged
In the ocean of God.

I swam back to the shore
Yet the water was near.
My limbs dripped wet,
The waves I could hear.
Vast, indescribable,
immeasurably sweet,
This love, gift from my Lord.

My soul keeps spilling
This water in me.
Salty tears overflowing
Offered back to the sea.
Immersed in God’s presence
I have all that I need,
My love for God, and His for me.

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