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English translation of the Quran

Only the Quran in Arabic, the original language, can be called the Quran.  There are several translations which approximate the meaning but can never fully express the rhythm, rhyme, depth of connotation and subtlety of denotation of the Arabic words. … Continue reading

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The Testimony

La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad rasool Allah.  These words comprise what is known as the shahada, or testimony, among Muslims.  It is a phrase that one should hear immediately after birth and should say as he passes from this life.  … Continue reading

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The Basic Principles of Islam

Islam is a way of life based on belief in God as an exclusive deity and acts of worship that enhance spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing.  Adherence to standards of conduct outlined in the Holy Quran enable individuals and communities … Continue reading

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  I was driving home yesterday when I spotted this sign on the road:  “Camera ahead – 80.”  I thought, how nice of the traffic department to warn us that a camera is ahead and remind us that the speed … Continue reading

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The Muslim’s Prayer

One of the things that fascinates me most about Muslims in their adherence to the daily prayer.   Five times a day you see them stopping whatever they are doing to make a connection with God.  It’s not uncommon to see … Continue reading

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