Islamic Art

Islamic art – the geometric, symmetric, and possibly infinite continuation of lines, curves and patterns – always begins with a single point on a page or canvas.  It is from this point that a line or circle is first drawn, and from which a beautiful work of art takes shape.  Without that point of reference, without the consideration that each line and curve originated from that point, and without respect for the relation that every intersecting point has with the original one, the whole pattern will be imperfect, unbalanced and eventually unrecognizable.  Islamic art is the ideal art form in the sense that anyone can produce a beautiful work of art provided he consistently and meticulously refers to the central point of measurement.  Upon achieving that discipline, there are limitless ways to express one’s individuality and creativity in unique works of art.

Islam, as the inspiration for this beautiful art form, is identical in that it, too, has as its epicenter a single point from which every thought, intention, action and hope begins.  That point of reference is God. When someone makes God the single reference point in his life, from which all expression originates, his life can be one of both precision and beauty, of discipline and creativity.   In Islamic art, the original point is simply a dot on a page.  In Islam, a single, unique God is the focal point, around which all of life revolves.

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  1. Lina says:

    Wow, never realised this correlation! But it’s really true, even with actions that we do routinely in our day-to-day life; with the right intention/s, a simple action like eating or sleeping can be turned into an act of worship.. 🙂

    Oh & here’s a company that sells Islamic art in a very creative form:

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