A Muslim’s Declaration

Believing that You have created the universe and all that it contains for a meaningful purpose,

Believing that this present life is temporary, the purpose of which is to test Your creation in their faith and actions,

Believing in life after death, a life which has no end,

Believing in Paradise as a reward for those who win Your favor and in hell as a punishment for those who incur Your wrath,

Believing that You have endowed mankind with intellect and reason and, furthermore, inspired each soul with knowledge of right and wrong,

I Testify that You are the one and only God, Creator and Master of the universe,

I Affirm that my life has meaning and purpose and that my deeds have significance,

I Vow to strive in the performance of good deeds not for worldly gain, nor recognition and compensation from fellow men, but for Your sake and in hope of Your acceptance,

I Promise to avoid evil of every kind, which is recognizable through both reason and instinct, and

I Expect to be rewarded or punished according to my faith and actions.

Believing in the Quran, inspired to Muhammad through the angel Jibril, as Your Holy Word, perfectly transmitted, recorded and preserved since its revelation,

Believing in Muhammad as Your prophet and messenger, the last of a succession of prophets and messengers, who lived according to the Quran and Your inspiration,

I Acknowledge the existence of things unseen:  angels, jinn, Satan, the Judgment Day,Paradise and Hell,

I Accept the guidance revealed in the Quran and in the speech and actions of your prophet Muhammad, the obedience of which is binding on me,

I Pledge to fulfill the requirements of faith, namely, to pray the five daily prayers, fast the month of Ramadan, pay alms, and perform pilgrimage to Mecca, and

I Vow to abstain from what You have prohibited.

Believing in Adam, who was created from clay, and in Eve, who was created from him,

Believing in Noah who built the ark and was saved from the deluge,

Believing in Ibrahim who established Your House, the Kaaba, inMecca,

Believing in Jacob and his twelve sons, among them Joseph who ruledEgypt,

Believing in David who praised You with the Psalms,

Believing in Moses who parted, by Your Grace, theRed Sea,

Believing in Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary, who was raised to You and who shall come again,

Believing in Muhammad who is Your final prophet, and

Believing in all Your prophets and messengers between Adam and Muhammad,

I Bear Witness that they all are Muslims who believed in your Uniqueness and bowed to Your Will, and that none of them shares in divinity or partnership with You, and

I Affirm that I am of their religion as they are of mine.

Acknowledging your favors of health, strength, ability and intellect to my person, of sustenance and beauty in my surroundings, of love through family and friends, and of favors that I cannot count and do not perceive,

I Thank You,

I Pledge to make honorable use of them,

I Reject both miserliness and extravagance regarding their use both for myself and others, and

I Promise to share whatever I am granted of your bounties for the benefit of others, be it knowledge, skills or affluence.

Acknowledging Your Absolute Perfection, which is manifested in Your Omniscience, Omnipotence and Supreme Wisdom,

I am Pleased what You have chosen for me,

I Trust in Your plan for me, and

I Exercise patience regarding Your Divine Decree.

Knowing that You are the Source of peace and security, the Most Gracious and Most Compassionate One, the Healer, the Helper and the Guide,

I Seek Your help in all my affairs,

I Turn to You for solace and relief in times of distress, and

I Strive to adopt Your attributes in my relations with others, seeking Your countenance only.

Knowing that You see and hear all things,

Confirming that every atom’s weight of good and evil in me is recorded in Your Book,

Acknowledging my limitations, weaknesses, and forgetfulness,

I Attest to my own sins committed in thoughts and actions, openly and secretly, intentionally and unintentionally,

I Beg Your forgiveness, as I try to forgive those who offend me,

I Depend on Your Guidance, for without it I am certainly doomed, and

I Plead for Your Mercy, which is my only hope.

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